• Herbal ointment Мiracle, 50 ml

Ingredients: Extracts of sage, plantain, calendula, oils of juniper and mint, vitamin A, lanolin, beeswax.

Effect: it is used to maintain and soften the skin. It helps in wounds and burns. The leaves of sage have powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Plantain is one of the most effective means for treating wounds, boils and other disorders of the skin. When applied to the problem area, plantain and juniper oil have analgesic effects. Calendula has the ability to accelerate wound healing and restore skin in burns. Peppermint oil relieves skin irritation, itching and burning, reduces redness of the skin and has a cooling effect. Vitamin A strengthens the protective function of the skin, improves elasticity and metabolism in cells. Beeswax has exceptional emollient and nourishing properties, which makes it suitable for dry and chapped skin.

Use: The cream is applied to thoroughly cleansed skin several times a day.

Quantity: 50 ml

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Herbal ointment Мiracle, 50 ml

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